Inter Abrasiv was established in 1993 in Izmir, Turkey. The company, operating in its Cigli-Izmir facilities from 1996 to 2009, has installed its first maker in 1997, thus starting continuous production of coated jumbo rolls, both cloth and fiber. Conversion of rolls into end products such as discs, belts, cloth rolls have started in line with coating facilities.
The company moved into its new production facilities in Manisa Industrial Park in 2009. In addition to building a modern plant,
Inter Abrasiv has also invested in a new maker and converting machinery.
From 1998 and on, Inter Abrasiv has been enjoying a tremendous increase in the production of jumbo rolls and converted products.
The company is one of the largest global manufacturers of fiber discs. Flap disc production has enjoyed an even higher growth.
In the last couple of years production figures in flap disc has grown more than ten times, making the company one of the top players in the global market.


To become the supplier of choice to our global clients and to be respected as an honorable, reliable, responsive and responsible manufacturer of high quality value for money abrasive products.


To create a socially and environmentally responsible working environment where the corporate philosophy of continuous commitment to our employees, shareholders, clients and suppliers can foster in a secure and peaceful manner


Meticulous quality monitoring from raw materials to finished product
Leading edge technological innovation
Safety first in design and usage of our products and in the manufacturing process
Continuous product quality improvement and innovation
High level of employee involvement in quality and safety issues
Zero tolerance for defects


INTER ABRASIV aims to manage all kinds of risks that affect the business continuity and the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information assets;

  • Establishment, management, control and continuous improvement of the information security management system in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard,
  • Comply with legal regulations and agreements concerning information security,
  • Manage and accurately prevent risks to information assets,
  • Increase information security awareness and institutional competence,

Manages together with all our employees, targets the provision and continuity of our information security and fulfills all requirements for this purpose.